Going Global

We have recently (and quietly) changed our website address from www.klevercase.co.uk to www.klevercase.com to celebrate the growth of our brand on the world stage.

Our customer base continues to grow and has now tipped the 50% mark for international deliveries. We are so proud to be sending our British handmade products to happy customers in the furthest corners of the planet.

Just today we sent a Sherlock Holmes themed kindle case to Delhi, India. Harry Potter themed Book of Spells covers to New York, Melbourne and Buenos Aires.

As we grow we want to pin more flags the world over and as such, we felt that we were finally ready for .com status. We hope that potential customers will be reassured that we are a trusted brand that can deliver to them, no matter their country or post code.

We love seeing new and exotic addresses coming through and we hope that yours is next. Thanks as ever for supporting us, without you we wouldn't be where we are today.