The KleverCase was devised and crafted by Philip Bradburn, expert bookbinder for over 35 years and founder and MD of The Manor Bindery in the New Forest England. Having adapted many times through the years, from bookbinding in it’s purest form through to the crafting of resin, leather and printed faux display books, our products can be found in luxury hotels, yachts and even in TV and Film sets worldwide.
However, Philip and his small team’s dedication and passion for making high quality hand crafted products with a focus on customer satisfaction has remained consistent throughout.
This passion culminated with the idea for KleverCase, a concept that materialised in the same way as many great inventions... with the coming together of a creative mind, expertise and a solution to a problem. The problem that Philip the bookbinder (who loves gadgets) faced was when he bought his son-in-law a kindle for Christmas and realised with sadness that the old books he loves could be on their last legs/pages.
And so, he had a 'lightbulb moment' and the solution came easily; Make a cover for the gadget that looks exactly like the old books he loves, using the traditional techniques he adores.
Our book covers have become popular around the world and we continue to find new ways to utilise the talents of our craftsmen and women to create book themed artefacts that appeal to lovers of books.
Having just launched our cloth and leather iphone covers, we are now looking towards occasional gift products including wedding, mothers day and new baby stationery, as well as high end interior display products.
It's an exciting time for our fast growing family business, so we hope you continue to support us and enjoy our products.