A Unique Way To Read On Your Device: Book Look Covers


The Problem: I love reading on an eReader or Tablet but Love The Feel of a Real Book.

The world has changed. People enjoy having access to instant reading material and with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle, eReaders and Tablets, can now read anywhere and at any time. But, the uniform and ubiquitous cases for technology leave book lovers feeling cold and ultimately give no impression of the person reading them. We all love to show our individuality, personality and passions to others to make us more interesting and unique. So why not hold your reading device in a case that looks and feels just like a book that better represents you?

Nice. What book cover designs are available?

Put simply, anything that you want! These can can be made using the 'create your own cover' option and there is also a wide range of iconic and exclusively designed cases to choose from 'off the shelf'. You can design your own case or choose your favourite book and simply upload an image. This is where a book look cover will really make you stand out from the crowd. 

That Sounds Great, but is a book style case as functional as my standard case?

Good Question. Cases offered by Amazon for Kindle and Apple for iPad for example, are made for comfort with each specific device in mind. However, they do not feel as natural in the hand for reading as a book does. A hardback book cover is a good solution because it can be held open with both hands like a book, but also fold backwards for one-handed reading. The materials used are lightweight and textured to feel like an old textured cloth binding and have a matte wax laminate finish to protect the outer book cover from water and knocks. Strong magnets hidden inside keep it closed in transit and in position when folded backwards so that it is as functional as those made by leading brands.

Cool, so how do I know if a Book Look Case will work with my device?

With so many kindle, eReader and tablet versions available it becomes very difficult to create a case for every version cost effectively. Our Book Look Cases have a very clever universal grip method to secure almost any device in a hardback book cover. They use the same hook and loop technology that is used on NASA spacesuits, a slim and extra strong velcro type material that is attached to both the case and your device. It's easy to adhere and instructions are provided. It has a two-way benefit as it also allows for your device to be taken out of the case if you need to replace it for example. You can also reattach as many times as you wish without it losing strength.

The Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular of Amazon's Kindle eReaders and so we added an extra interior holder for this size case which works with all versions of the paperwhite model. If you want to purchase a simple tpu silicone holder for your device this will also work with our universal grip hold book covers. Universal cases come in a 6 inch ereader size and a 7 or 8 inch tablet size that covers almost any device on the market. The sizes refer to screen size but if you measure your device or check google for specifications you can see which of the book cases will work.



Sounds complicated, what if the case arrives and doesn't fit?

It is a little complicated due to the hundreds of devices available, but if you can check exactly which device you have it will almost certainly fit in one of the 6, 7 or 8 inch cases offered. There are also instruction videos available on every product page. A no questions return policy is also in place so if you are unhappy in any way with the case you can return it to us for an exchange or refund at any time.

I use my eReader or tablet all the time, is the case durable enough? 

We know how important and valuable your device is and have continuously improved the cases to make them as protective and durable as possible. The hardback book covers are made by craftsmen and women using high quality locally sourced materials, some with over 45 years' experience of traditional bookbinding. Every ounce of skill and experience is poured into the case manufacture and the quality is as good as any competing case we have seen. A 1 year quality guarantee is given on every cover to support this claim and the hardback book cover should last for many years.

Sounds like a great product, can I see some real customer reviews?

The KleverCase book look covers have been available to customers for 12 years across Amazon, Etsy, NotOnTheHighStreet and our own site. There are over 10,000 positive reviews across these channels if you search for the klevercase brand. Our site only introduced review prompts recently but there are many shown on the individual product pages across the site. Customers absolutely love their book look cases for their kindle, ipad, kobo etc and often come back and buy more for themselves as gifts for friends and family. Our instagram following of 15,000 @klevercase also post beautiful pictures and reviews regularly. With this kind of assurance, we hope you would have confidence to invest in a new cover for your device that better represents you and your love for reading.

Wow people really love these cases, do they ship worldwide?

Yes they ship anywhere in the world and not only that, it's free! They also come beautifully packaged with a story about the British brand, business history and signed by the maker of the book cover. This always makes people smile and creates an extra special gift experience for loved ones.

I am not ready to buy yet but would like to know about offers and news about book look cases and similar bookish gifts.

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Where Can I See Some Products? 

On the KleverCase site, Just Click Here.