• A Unique Way To Read On Your Device: Book Look Covers

    A Unique Way To Read On Your Device: Book Look Covers
      The Problem: I love reading on an eReader or Tablet but Love The Feel of a Real Book. The world has changed. People enjoy having access to instant reading material and with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle, eReaders and Tablets, can now read anywhere and at any time. But, the uniform and ubiquitous cases for technology leave book lovers feeling cold and ultimately give...
  • Game of Thrones Cover: Designer Blog

    Game of Thrones Cover: Designer Blog
    This case was a really special one for me to design because I finally got to elaborate on the sketches I had done a few years ago for a personal project (to redesign the covers of all my favorite books). The final piece went a completely different direction than the original sketches, but the lettering and some of the design elements remained. Myself and...
  • Going Global

    Going Global
    We have recently (and quietly) changed our website address from www.klevercase.co.uk to www.klevercase.com to celebrate the growth of our brand on the world stage. Our customer base continues to grow and has now tipped the 50% mark for international deliveries. We are so proud to be sending our British handmade products to happy customers in the furthest corners of the planet. Just today we sent...
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