The Apprentice Bookbinder

The Manor Bindery, a small business based in the New Forest, make all of their high end book themed products by hand and Philip Bradburn and his Wife Lorraine had evolved the business since he started as a true bookbinding apprentice in 1976. 

Having always been a niche business, Philip was always looking to adapt the old books he loved into products for the wider world. The craft of true bookbinding has slowly diminished, but Philip continued to use those skills across modernised products including false book doors, display books, fake library walls and a number of ad hoc bespoke book works for luxury yachts, film sets and iconic institutions around the world.

When Philip bought his son-in-law the first Kindle for Christmas in 2011 and made him a case in the style of a traditionally bound antique book, he didn't foresee that this would be the prototype for their internationally successful range of book themed ereader and tablet cases, premium stationery and storage solutions.

The arrival of the Kindle was the perfect catalyst for Philips 'lightbulb moment' and Philip and his son-in-law Chris, decided that this was a great project for them to begin working together in business for the first time.

They brainstormed the brand name during a family trip to the beach and KleverCase was born.  K was for the kindles they covered and the rest for the clever play on old books and new technology of the first cases. After making some initial tweaks to the design they began selling from their own website to test demand for the product. Even the staunchest technophobe and paper book lover appreciated the idea and with classic titles ranging from Pride and Prejudice to The Jungle Book, there was a case to suit everyone.

This timeline gives a deeper meaning to our brand and Philip is still involved in every product that leaves the Bindery today.