Hands Up for Hand Made

We've been making premium hand made book themed products for 40 years at our workshops in the New Forest England. Our founder Philip Bradburn started out as an apprentice bookbinder at The Manor Bindery and has had many clever and unique ideas for products over the years.

None has been so fitting as the KleverCase concept, which came to him in a cafe during a Christmas shopping spree in 2011. Having bought a Kindle for his son in law, Phil immediately saw the twist of creating an old looking book cover for the new technology, thus resolving the problem of that lovely feeling of holding a book but with an infinite library within. 

We are very proud of our heritage and Philip continues to improve and develop our product range with the handmade element at the core of everything we do. This also enables us to respond to customer feedback quickly and tweak and improve our product constantly, making us very different to most mass producers of accessories currently available. 

Our craftsmen and woman are highly skilled and finish every product to the highest quality standards. The movement towards British made high quality products has been perfectly timed for the KleverCase idea and we hope that our customers benefit from the love and care that we put into every product that leaves our workshops.